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11 Jun 2024
Noraxon motion capture enables PTs to analyse human movement in real-time
By Kath Hudson
Noraxon motion capture enables PTs to analyse human movement in real-time
Understanding movement can optimise training and prevent injury
Photo: Noraxon
Noraxon’s next-generation motion capture system, MyoMotion, can be used by PTs to enable custom training programmes, minimise injuries and help with rehabilitation by measuring athletes’ movements in real-time.

The 3D Inertial Motion Capture System software is part of the MyoResearch suite of products.

Wireless sensors are used to capture 3D motion, detecting a number of actions including gait, orientation angles, joint angles and linear acceleration.

Fitness professionals can then use this data to assess and coach improvements in all types of movements, including technique for running, lifting, golf swings, throwing and striking.

A skeleton avatar is used to illustrate the movement.

User Kevin Vandi, owner of Competitive Edge Physical Therapy, says: “Noraxon IMUs (Interntial Measurement Units) give your subject the opportunity to correct their form as they’re performing certain activities, the captured data can also be used to assess particular biomechanical patterns in their movements.

“Our PTs also use the skeletal avatars to do a frame-by-frame analysis of a movement, assessing the specific degree of bend in hips, knees, ankles and torso.”

The full suite of MyoResearch product includes MyoMuscle, MyoPressure, MyoForce, MyoVideo and MyoAnalog.

Noraxon develops products to measure movement biometrics, as part of its mission to improve the technology for measuring human movement. Its work has been cited in 10,000 published articles.

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